Filling machine

M E Degla AB

Filling machine, MH-4/E

- for flowing and semi flowing products into buckets or valve sacks




Semi-automatic machine for fast and accurate filling by weight of paste-type material such as spackle, putties and other high viscosity flowing and semi-flowing products.

The MH4/E version is a development of earlier machines, which has now been in constant use in many plants since 1975.



The machine has two filling heads. While the material is flowing through one of the heads, the operator can remove the filled bag/bucket from the other and replace it with an empty one. When the filling has reached the preset level in head no 1, this will automatically close and switch to filling head no 2. When no 2 is completed, it will return to filling no 1 and so on.

The feeding pump can thus run continuously, which gives maximum filling speed and lower wear on the pump and drive mechanism. 



Suitable pump with variable speed and in-line filter/screen can be supplied on request

Instruments and loadcells certified according to OIML R76 and OIML R60

Self correcting final weight according to setting

Auto control to prevent pump operating against closed valves

24 volt current to valves and function control for safety

Mobile for easy in-plant relocation

Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance

Attractive and practical brushed stainless steel finish



Chassi, pipes and nozzles made of stainless steel

Connections:2 1/2" inlet pipe for material supply from pump

Electric supply 1-phase 230 V 50/60 Hz 6 amp

Potential free line for control of pump motor, start/stop compressed air requirement, 1/4" air line, max 10 and min 6 bar for electro-pneumatically operated valves

Airfilter and air-pressure regulator is included and installed

Pneumatic 2 1/2" butterfly main valves, pneumatic slide valve in nozzle

Dual electronic scales/weighing processors with automatic self correction of preset weight

Package weight range 6 - 25 kg

Up to 3000 litres per hour filling capacity when filling in 15 litres packages  



Width - 1200 mm, depth - 900 mm, height - 1500 mm

Height floor to nozzle/valve - 1050 mm 


The MH4/E can also be delivered explosion protected, certified for use in Ex area, zone 1 and 2.


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