Pilot mixer

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Pilot Mixer ME BL503


The pilot mixer is made to enable real site testing and subsequent transfer of successful laboratory batches to full scale production batches.

The mixer ME BL503  is a scaled down copy of our full size, common design, industrial mixer for high viscosity products such as polymer plasters, tile-adhesives, textured coatings and waterbased emulsion paints etc.  -  Standard size 300 litres net capacity.


The unit is mobil and turnkey operational.

All parts in contact with product are made in stainless steel/material

It is equipped with wall/bottom scraper, mixing impeller and a high speed dissolver, 3 shafts - 3 motors. All motors are equipped with frequency converters for variable speeds, Wallscraper and impeller with forward- and reverse turning. El cabinet with all electricals installed.

Control panel for operation of unit includis amp. and rpm meters,

3 load cells with scale and batch processor for manual or automatic batching into mixer.

Bottom slide valve is connected to a lobe-pump for emptying of mixer by onforwarding or for filling into bags or buckets by weight.


Dimensions of unit is approx. L2300 x W995 x H2000mm